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Welcome to my home (page).

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Spiritual Intelligence (SI) is our ability to draw on and embody qualities from the world’s wisdom and spiritual traditions that have been shown to enhance functioning and wellbeing. To learn more about my research into Spiritual Intelligence and to receive your free Spiritual Intelligence profile highlighting your strengths, areas for growth, and curated tips for development, click here.

Drawing from their Spiritual Intelligence capacities, Inspired Leaders (ILeaders) have the rare ability to ignite a sacred spark of passion in themselves and in others. They go on to create communities that are unmatched in cohesiveness and utterly aligned in missions, visions, and values. To learn more about my research into Inspired Leadership, or to assess and develop your ILeadership competencies, click here.

My work as a confidant, counselor, and coach for CEOs supports organizational leaders as they develop into ILeaders. For more about my coaching work, click here.

I offer integrated psychotherapy for adults and couples with a focus on couples interested in passionate, conscious relationships that serve their psycho-spiritual healing and growth. For more about my therapy practice, click here.

Engendering Love is a new annual online summit I founded that features conversations on gender, femininity, masculinity, healing, and fluidity. To tune in, click here.

My website,, aims to redefine for all what it means to “man up,” liberating our dignity and empowering ourselves and those around us in their humanity. To learn, share, and connect, click here.

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